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Almost all people including a child as well as an old man have a fund of watching movies. Yeah, it’s all true that everyone doesn’t like the same genre and category. Everyone has their own choice and selection upon genres. In previous years it had the one and only option that people had to wait for the movie to stream on the TV or buying of CD or DVD. But Nowadays this is called an Internet day where it doesn’t require to depend upon buying of CD or DVD’s or going to the cinema hall to watch movies. And nowadays everyone has their laptop or smartphone and a stable internet connection through which it became so easy to watch your favourite movies or serials when you want to watch or when you have free time.

            In this article, today I am going to share a free popular movie download site called Worldfree4u. After reading this article you will be gain full knowledge about worldfree4 u.

 What is Worldfree4u?

Worldfree4u…Isn’t it sound as familiar? If it’s not for you then I must say you haven’t had any free stable movie download sites yet. Yeah, it’s true that there are millions of websites on the internet which give you free movie download link that too in your selected qualities and genres. So Worldfree4 u is one of them.

            Worldfree4u is a public and free torrent movie downloading website. It does trickle various linguistic movies such as Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Punjabi movies, etc. to download illegally through the internet. This site permits its users to download pirated or bootlegged movies without any cost. It doesn’t need one’s registration and login to download movies.  Most of the countries all over the world use worldfree4u site, but it is very popular in South Asia.

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Is it legal?

As it’s a popular site for downloading new and latest movies, as well it’s illegal too. It uploads pirated movies download links on its site. The new and latest movies which are still live in the cinema halls or theatres are being uploaded on the site worldfree4u which literally gives negative and adverse impact on the movies collection of the box office. This type of things crashes the business of box office which is totally illegal.

            So definitely it can cause risk as the government can take any legal action about the user. Because the person/ originator whose original content has already been stolen will file a complaint first. In case of the content of foreign origin such as Game of Thrones, Captain America: Civil War comforts you that nothing will take place. The originators (Marvel Studio or HBO) discern that the number of fish is so colossal that even if they make an example of 10 to 15 people, there will be no sway of any kind. And the foreigners or outsiders also have a decent image of the Indian legal system, which they have a preference to stay away. Nevertheless, Indian purveyors can go after you. They have all the time and possessions but still, they choose to back down dreading a public counterattack.

Why it is not legal?

Downloading copied substantial/intellectual crap has always been proved a criminal or illegitimate misdemeanour, whether it is Captain America or Games of Thrones or whatever.

Government is just kind of trying to panic you via scripting it on redirected and readdressed web pages and promulgating it over media. It doesn’t staple whether you do listen to a song or watch a movie or web series online or download a song or movie to listen or watch it later. You have always been proved to be a criminal.

To be clear-cut, most of the filmmakers report to telecommunication department of the government of India. Hence the government of India has retorted to this type of illegal sites as these sites used to share different categories of new and latest movies which factually affect the business.  After blocking of domains also, the site owners are smart enough to change their site domains to a new one.

Is Worldfree4u safe to use?

By taking action, the Government of India has been blocked so many sites like Worldfree4u as these sites are providing latest movie links in free. It gives too many ads while accessing the internet.

If you are visiting the site worldfree4u as well as similar sites, it will display some warning with some lines of the message that means the Government of India has blocked the site. So mostly it is illegal and unsafe to access its content. By clicking the link you can’t be put in jail but yes it is risky to access these types of sites, your internet or browser may be blocked for some time. But if you will try to download movies from this type of illegal site by using any hacking method then maybe you get in the detector of government.

How popular worldfree4u is?

Any useful thing which is free on the internet that must be popular, right? Like that worldfree4u is also a popular movie download site, besides it allows its users to no need of time-wasting sign up and log in system. So it is a bit more usable and popular for that.

            It has its apk or android application too. Each people don’t use a laptop or desktop to download movies and some people don’t afford it. But most of the people have their own smartphones now a day. As worldfree4u has its sites as well as apk it’s easy to use and anyone can have his/her smartphone can download the app from play store available on android phones. Hence it is more popular among people.

            More the ways, the site maintains its structure in an easy way which can be accessible by anyone who can read English and Hindi. It has lists of movies which are currently running and in top-rated and popular lists. Mostly it uploads the new and trendy latest movies hence it becomes more popular.

Which resolution movies do worldfree4u share with people?

It provides all types of sizes and qualities as user requirements. Like it gives Dual audio movies, Animated movies, Dual audio 720p movies, Hollywood 720p movies, 320p Movies, HD, Ultra HD, Full HD movies, 4K movies, 720p movies, etc. From these numerous categories, you can choose as per your available data and space and just download and enjoy.

Worldfree4u new site download link:

WorldFree4u is considered as one of the primogenial sites in India which provides the new and latest movies download link. The worldfree4u website considerably rose in recent years having the best quality of movies in addition to a great collection of categories. The key purpose for the growth of this website is that this is the website which updates its sites and domains as well as movie links in a regular manner. But due to illegal authority, this site is banned in some countries by the government.

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In some cases like when you will enter in your browser, it will say something like that


The site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

It says so because the site is banned by the government of India. As it provides movies without the permission of the movie owner which is completely illegal and for this reason, worldfree4u is blocked in so many countries like India, Nepal, and Srilanka, Pakistan, etc.

Even after that, you can use the original site which is by some methods. Here I am sharing two methods through which you can use the original site.

  1. First of all, you have to use the VPN. You can use any VPN by downloading through the internet. There are some paid and some are free. You can use that on your ability. The work of VPN is it permits the user to surf the internet in a secret or incognito mode. It helps to hide your accessed browsing history as well as your IP address from your Internet Server Protocol. But keep in mind that by using a VPN you won’t get the same speed of the internet while using without VPN. It will slow down the speed of your internet. And after that accordingly put the site address on your web browser, search movies or categories then download it.
  2. Secondly, you can use the sites without a VPN too. You have to use some proxy sites of worldfree4u. These proxy sites reflected as the mirror or echo site of the original website. Don’t be panic; it will give the same content as the original website. These sites will also be trusted and safe to use. And they are fast too. (Official Website)

Just go through any one of the above options, search for the movie. You will get the thumbnail of the movie, click on that. You will get two options, one is a torrent link and another is the single download link. Then if you have torrent use that otherwise goes through the single download link. You will be redirected to a new tab on your browser and there you will find your required link and click on that and download it.

That’s it.


Let me warn you about the menaces of indulging yourself to the frequent usage of worldfree4u and some similar sites like this. First of all this type of sites work on the conception of p2p file sharing which means you yourself are the server as well as you yourself are the downloader. This probably meant for, at the same time you are downloading as well as uploading the file to other users. Hence there your wide area network (WAN) IP address is being visible to the public that means your internet or location; the device will be trapped or hacked. A hacker can easily trap your device and can do some damage to your security. So it’s highly recommended and warned to the site users not to slash away your moralities.

            As people use the internet and data openly so it can’t be guaranteed that no scam will happen with you. As an illegal site, it does come with a group of viruses and malware. User must be guarded about this and the user must have to check his/her firewall is turned on and antivirus is installed in his/her PC or laptop. On the other hand, it seems that its supervisors may need to take care of existing refuge apprehensions as there are a huge number of negative reviews which might reduce the domain’s reputation and popularity.

Analysis and Review:

By analysis of the review of site users through the internet, it is concluded that worldfree4u content is most likely not safe for kids though it does not look as dishonest or deceitful. Somehow we can label it as legit. The status of its website is safe and Okay. It has Google safe browsing. Child safety is somehow okay. Its reputation is 65% positive that means not 100% safe to use. The domain is kind of popular among the internet.


            At last but not least, I can say it’s all depending on you that you want to use it or not. You will get the benefit too as well there are chances of theft of your data and security in a vulnerable manner. But yes don’t be over smart and try it in a useful way. If you find any dishonest things, then contact the site owner immediately. As it’s a popular site, many users use it.

            So what are you waiting for? Go and open your laptop or mobile browser, download your latest movie and have fun!

            Hope this content will be very useful to you! All the best!

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