That’s One Smooth-speaking Robot: Google’s WaveNet AI Program Produces Human-like Speech

Keen on changing into world famous ??

For all who’re following the news Donald Trump is insulting lots af American politician.

The American people suppose that they are left in the dead of night as a result of they will not be insulted so made a Donald Trump insult generator. Give in your name and a customized insult tweet will probably be made.

I search for a voice generator for insults by Donald Trump but that does not exists.

I haven’t the skills to make something like that however I believe who ever will make some cartoonies app with the robot voice generator – read this post from – from Donald Trump and after give in your name you’re going to get a private voice insult from Donald Trump will get plenty of attention and hyperlinks. Also a share button to faebook twitter ect for the outcomes.

Who can do this or will make one thing like this. It needs to be very quickly because of the attention it receives now.