Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Strategies to Get 1,000 Followers on Twitter for Free

Get followers on Twitter for free – Your brand is a magnet, an irresistible attraction for the audience. You do something and people follow you. You say something and people applaud you.

You are a reference in yours.

For example: if your name is Maider Tomasina and you launch a course on copying, you fix it.

On the other hand, if your name is Atanasio and you launch a similar course, you are not going to eat a donut.

Why? For the personal brand.

The same thing happens in social networks and Twitter is no exception. Building your personal brand is essential to carve out a niche in the market. It is a process that takes time, perseverance, and patience.

Raiders don’t rain from the sky.

So if you create a Twitter profile and you already have a brand and a community behind it, everything will be easier. People will follow you for being you.

It is not the same to open a profile when you are starting than when you are already known.

The value you bring is always important, but it takes a backseat when your personal brand is super relevant.

What can we do? Human beings are like that.

When we trust someone and consider them to be an expert, we pay attention to them. We do not stop to think if he is right or not, we simply follow him wherever he goes.

Branding helps a lot, but it is not the only way to get followers on Twitter.

In fact, a slightly astute reference continues to share value in their networks, to grow their legacy, and attract even more public.

So let’s discuss how you can get followers on Twitter for free

How to Get Followers on Twitter for free


The first of them goes through your blog, where you must make a button very clear so that people can follow you. The more you optimize the access to that button, the greater the volume of followers you can achieve.

You can also link to your profile from the signature of your email and your newsletters. Thus, every time someone receives an email from you, they will have the possibility to follow you.


People love to feel part of a group. It is innate. Take advantage and create lists of people that you follow and seem relevant to your sector. They will see that you have added them to your list and they will enter to see who you are. If you have your profile optimized and you add value, they will follow you.

In addition, the people who enter your profile and see that you have listed by themes will take a very good impression of you and the chances of being followed will increase.

Finally, many of those you include on the list will return the favor and include you on theirs. As they are the benchmarks of your sector, your profile will gain a lot of visibility and followers.


With similar criteria, when you do guest post tasks, writing articles as a guest on third party blogs, it is good to have an optimized link at the end that refers to your blog, but also, if they leave you, add a link to your Twitter profile, with which you will be giving yourself double visibility.


You must take the first step. Break the ice. When you highlight the content of other bloggers making RTs or suggestions to your readers to follow this or that person because it will mean such a benefit, I assure you that they are points in your favor that you are adding.

If you do it naturally and often, you will see that at some point if you need a specific action that person will give you their support without you asking. And if you had to ask them, I assure you that it will be easier for you to do so, because that person will know that you have already helped them a lot in the dissemination of their content.

So have no doubt that the good strategy is what the Americans call “givers get” or “the one who gives receives.” You start by giving and then you are going to receive.


And it’s also positive on Twitter to make courtesies, we all like it. If one of your friends has just been mentioned or highlighted in a macro portal, or if it has been in the press, then do not hesitate to say so publicly.

Once you have established relationships with people, you can use the DMs to thank them and also to encourage them to collaborate with you.


People who follow you do so because they like the content you broadcast, but they will also appreciate it if you have the ability to act as an information channel, and if you spread good material they will be grateful.

Logically you must disseminate data that is good information, of great interest and value for your followers; material that complements your editorial line, and content that directly also contributes to your credibility. The contribution of value will be explicit.

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How to use Twitter in 24 different ways

The bluebird social network can be used for many different purposes:

  1. Develop your personal brand
  2. Follow your competition
  3. Networking
  4. Organize meetings
  5. Receive feedback
  6. Hire people
  7. Generate traffic
  8. Read the news
  9. Follow events
  10. Strengthen Team Building
  11. Find new friends
  12. Receive reminders
  13. Notify your customers
  14. Look for new opportunities
  15. Broadcast live
  16. Manage time
  17. Get votes
  18. Monitor your reputation
  19. Make Focus Group
  20. Investigate
  21. Run contests
  22. Serve customers
  23. Make promotions
  24. To sell

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