Monday, June 21st, 2021

Incredibly Simple Secrets to a Happy Relationship

Secrets to a Happy Relationship – The man and the woman, two complex creatures with very distinct characters. It is often said that opposites attract, this is the case in the human species. At some point in their life, the woman and the man decide to find a companion with whom to continue their terrestrial journey, but also for the purposes of procreation. In this sense, we must make sure to make the right choice and then do everything we can to make this life as a couple sweet and pleasant for everyone.

Knowing how to manage the life of a couple is also an art, which must be learned. Because we have this unconscious mechanism within us that causes us to sabotage our happiness by preventing us from engaging effectively, especially when we become emotionally engaged. It takes work on yourself on both sides and perseverance before hoping for a bright future together.

Find the right person

  • Get out of bad relationships immediately

The majority of relationships never get very far and some are even doomed to failure from the start. It’s always better to end a relationship in which problems appear too early, rather than being left with the hope that things will change. You are in a “bad relationship” if:

  • You constantly feel compelled to control what you say and what you do for fear of upsetting the other.
  • You have to stand up for your other half to your friends and family all the time: it’s clear not everyone is going to love your partner as much as you do, but you should be worried about all of your family and friends. only voice to warn you about your new love.
  • You constantly wonder what your partner is doing in your absence
  • Wanting at all costs to please your partner to the point of losing your identity and your values
  • You feel worse since you started dating your partner
  • Your partner despises your feelings
  • Be realistic

You should not have unrealistic expectations of your partner. For example :

  • Expect your partner to know what you want or feel without telling them. Usually, women want their partners to “read their minds.” They do not want to have to say what they think and say to themselves that this one “should know already”.

Instead of placing high expectations on the other person for your happiness, appreciate who they are and be surprised when they are on the same page as you instead of expecting them.

  • Expecting your partner to stop pursuing their interests just because it is causing you grief.
  • Convince yourself that the relationship is doomed no matter what and that the two of you won’t find happiness.
  • Believe that the road to happiness does not require a lot of work

If you find yourself in this lot, you now know that this is not the best way to go or think. You will therefore have to work on yourself in order to be able to adopt healthier and more constructive ways of thinking for your relationship.

  • Find someone who shares the same ideals as you

You don’t necessarily need to have the same view of the world, but sharing opinions on important global topics can improve correspondence. It will only strengthen your relationship and bring you closer.

Make the relationship last

  • Spend time together

These moments that you share with your partner will only strengthen the bond between you and your partner. You must take advantage of them and carry out constructive activities such as eating together, scheduling movie nights, travelling if possible, etc.

  • Spend time apart

At the same time, humans need a sense of empowerment and freedom, which can only be achieved if time is spent away from their partner. There will likely be interests that the two of you don’t share. Pursue your interests independently of your partner and allow them to do the same. Free time will also allow you to miss each other and give you a sense of what you mean to each other. In this duration, you should message her miss you Shayari or quotes to make realize her importance in your life.

  • Communicate honestly and logically

Lack of trust is one of the biggest threats to a relationship, but it can often be avoided. Common sense would require you to be careful to listen carefully to your partner rather than interrupting them when you disagree with what they are saying. Instead, try to see things from their point of view. Also, accept that there are things that you and your partner won’t always or ever agree on. Instead of forcing the problem, respect the other’s point of view while getting high. At the time it seems complicated but I assure you it is the best attitude to have. Try to practice on this.

  • Look your best and be open to physical change

What characterizes a good relationship is your ability to love yourself and especially in the worst case, and the fact that you always strive to look your best, for your better half. Not only will your partner appreciate the effort, but they’ll likely be grateful that you don’t let go. Also, as you both change and get older, it is important to understand that this is part of life and to always find beauty in the other despite their flaws.

Dating takes a lot of work, and achieving long-term happiness involves practising all of these steps consistently. It’s hard to be the perfect person all the time, but a great deal of relationship success depends on caring enough for the other person.

Love yourself in a healthy and sincere way

Loving each other in a sincere and healthy way will allow you to always overcome difficulties by finding solutions together.

But above all you must love yourself it may seem selfish but it is very important to love yourself because your HAPPINESS should in no way depend on a person for fear of constantly being sad, disappointed or lost. It is clear that you will have moments of happiness with your partner, but it will be an illusion.

This happiness that you miss must come from you and not from a person because you must understand that if you are happy, you will manage to diffuse this happiness to your partner.

In a couple, you sometimes feel alone, because there are times when your relationship is no longer moving forward. Know that you will always be unhappy if you wait for your happiness to depend on someone no matter how hard you feel.

As we often say before loving others (your partner) you must above all love yourself. Understand that to be happy as a couple, you must first be happy alone.

There are many people who want to be in a relationship in order to be happy, that’s a big mistake! Being happy as a couple does not mean being happy together no no it means that you must be able to smile alone to occupy your free time without the presence of your partner: Accept and support your own presence. The life of a couple is not a long calm river there are ups and downs and in these downs, your relationship can end. You who get attached to your partner and take it for granted to give him full responsibility for your happiness, or if you are with the wrong person (narcissistic pervert) and he decides to go away. What will you do? You will have the feeling that you have lost everything that your life will no longer have meaning and you will have a hard time rebuilding yourself after the breakup.

To appreciate others you have to know how to appreciate life alone: ​​Learn to live with two people and not for two. It is true that being happy is not at all an easy thing but you must stop believing that happiness comes from the other because the happiness is in you and the presence of the other by your side only complements what you lack but never take responsibility for your happiness if deep down you are unhappy.


The most important sign of a strong, healthy relationship is that you feel happy in yourself and in your relationships. And while it may not always be possible to stay happy and connected with someone, ensuring that you are emotionally aligned with yourself and aware of your partner’s needs will go a long way in ensuring the health and longevity of your partner. your relationship.