Monday, June 21st, 2021

Know the Conditions Which Apply To Your Working Holiday Visa 417

Many people consider Australia to be a great place for a working holiday. However, applying for the Visa according to the requirements and then getting it approved is quite time-consuming. Are you planning to move to Australia on the purpose of a working holiday? In that case, apply for your working holiday visa 417 as soon as possible. There are conditions that you need to adhere to while you are applying for it and this article aims to throw light on those conditions to abide by while heading for a visa 417 Australia application.

Why Should Your Application Be Flawless On The First Go? 

Always aim at making your Visa application flawless on the very first go! This will work as an easy path towards a faster approval. Normally, these things take time but when you make a clean application without making any mistakes, the chances of the application getting approved increases.

If you make mistakes or forget to add required documents and information, chances of getting the Visa cancelled becomes inevitable. It may lead to delays in getting your due approval or take ugly turns resulting in permanent inability to apply for a Visa. Surely, you don’t want to complicate things to that extent! So, carefully fill out the Visa subclass 417 with the help of a migration agent Perth, who can guide you on the nuances of the visa application process.

However, before you consult a professional migration agent for visa application, it is imperative to know the crucial conditions required for the process.

    1. What Is The Duration Of Your Visa?

Upon application, you will receive the ”first entry date” which is the date from where your stay in Australia begins. You cannot enter the country any day later so marking that day is important. From the first entry day followed by the next twelve months, your 417 visa will remain validated and you can pursue your work holiday within that time to any extent.

You must remember that if you remain anywhere else other than Australia, the time period of your absence won’t be added as an extension to your holiday Visa.

    1. What Is The Eligibility Criteria Of Getting The Visa?

To spend a fruitful amount of time in Australia holidaying and working at the same time, you have to be eligible to fund your stay. The eligibility criteria looks somewhat like this –

    • Citizenship of The Countries: You have to be a citizen from either of these countries: Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, UK, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Republic Of Korea, Republic Of Malta, Hong Kong, Sweden and Taiwan.
    • Age Bar: The age limit is from 18 to 30. There is an exception to this rule for the Canadian, French and Irish citizens whose age bar is extended up to 35. If anybody from these countries have applied while they were 35 but received their grant by the time they are 36, their Visa holds validity.
    • Financial Stability: You must be able to support yourself financially while you are in Australia. At the end of your stay, you should be having enough money as well. Financial stability is one of the fundamental requirements before you head on to apply for Visa subclass 417 so that your stay in Australia is comfortable and sustainable too. Since you have the option to work while you are staying, you can check for the skills that you have and make an occupation out of it.
    • Meeting the Health Standards: Australian government is very specific about meeting the health standards where they have to abide by certain health requirements. Undergoing a careful assessment and producing evidence about your ability to meeting the health requirements is extremely necessary. You must be free from any disease that affects the community and health standards of the country, especially diseases like Tuberculosis. These health conditions are threatening to the public health system and the cost of these services may have an impact on the overall public services.

Your family members must also meet the health requirements set according to Australian policy even if they are not migrating to Australia.

    • Previously Held Visas: You are not eligible to access this Visa if you have entered Australia on account of Work and Holiday Visa (462) and Working Holiday Visa (417).
    • Having A Clean Character Record : Yes, you have to show them that you have a clean record with no criminal activities in the past like escaping from an immigration centre, convicted of having charges due to felony, murder, harassment or any other issues. Therefore, you must provide evidences of a clear appearance before applying for the Visa.

For more information on this, get in touch with a visa consultant in Perth to learn more about the presentation and evidence to get your Visa approved.

Conditions of Working Holiday Visas

Working holiday visas come with certain restrictions and conditions. You are not allowed to work for a particular employee for more than 6 months without obtaining the permission of the Department of Immigration. You can only extend that time period up to 6 more moths if you extend your stay in Australia. You have to strictly adhere by this condition even if you change your job but stay under the same employee, as your Visa can be under threat.

If you have undertaken any course of studying, you are allowed to take any training or study program for only 4 months. This applies to both classroom learning and informal learning spaces as well. In order to extend the learning program, you must apply for a student visa. For any guidance, consult an expert Immigration Agent Perth for getting guidance about the Visa application.