The Best Game Apps on Android to Boost the Gaming Experiences

Gaming is one thing that can always keep you entertained, in a happy mood, and uplifted.  The great news is that these days you can get all the variety in games that you once dreamed for. There are so many different types of games out there on android that are heart-winning and mood changers.

After installing these you get a great gaming experience. You can find manifold categories of games under the realm of 9apps, the third party play store. And you can get all the games for free and without any issues. For now, you can download the following games from this store and start your gaming experiences. You would definitely love these games!

Gears Pop

It is a deceptively shallow game. It is cover system places it apart from other similar lane-pushers, and the game makes the players feel like they are making smart decisions, but the false impression melts away after a couple of hours, leaving a simple strategy game where you win by just memorizing a list of character counters.  Your squad is made up of characters “pins”, and you easily take eight into any battle. During matches, you do spend energy to place those pins, sending them charging towards the online enemy’s base you have, and the first one who destroys the opponent wins.

PUBG Mobile

It is a free survival shooter that allows you experience exactly what it’s like to be dropped on an empty island with ninety-nine other players (like Fortnite, though PUBG came up first) to see who shall ultimately survive. But the most exciting thing about this extremely popular game is that it appears to run even better on a smartphone than a PC. You have to be really careful at every stage while you play this game. You have to survive alone or you can make your team of four. Remember, the game is really addictive and you might get an addiction to this game.

Horizon Chase 

In case you are frustrated with racing games paying more attention to if the tarmac appears photorealistic rather than how much fun it has to be to zoom along at insane speeds, check out this amazing game named Horizon Chase. The game tribute to old-school arcade titles is all about the complete joy of racing, rather than that of boring realism. The visuals of this game are absolutely vibrant, the soundtrack is cheesy and jolly, and the racing finds you continually battling your way to the front of a robust and aggressive pack. The different tracks of these games keep you engaged and thrilled. Need for Speed:

Need for Speed:

If you are a gaming buff then you already know about this game right/ the game is really popular and people love it to the core.  The tracks are wonderful and the racing options in the game are superb. You get to drive different vehicles and the engaging sites make you more in the mood of driving at the quickest speed.


Thus, you must check out these games on your android if you have not done it yet. These games are sure to stun you!

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