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error code: i2501

Error Code: i2501

Square Enix is a well known game distributer with an assortment of activity and experience games, including the Final Fantasy arrangement, Tomb Raider, or Life is Strange. Nonetheless, a few group report that while paying in their Square Enix account, they meet the error code: i2501.

There are a few explanations behind the Square Enix error code i2501.


  • The client doesn’t really exist in the country where the memory card (credit/charge) was given to him.


  • The type of passage or installment determination is erroneous.


  • A VPN or intermediary known to be dynamic on the PC will likewise decline to pay.


Prior to continuing with the arrangement, kindly ensure you have a decent dynamic association and legitimate installment card subtleties. Subsequent to checking it, you can proceed with the accompanying arrangements.

Instructions to Fix Error Code: i2501

 1.Mood killer VPN and Proxies

It’s prescribed to kill VPN advertisement intermediaries to fix the error code i2501 since certain specialist organizations, particularly banking foundations, have dismissed private associations that require full Internet access for reasons of straightforwardness. Here is the means by which to do that:


Stage 1: Open the Settings application by squeezing the Windows + I keys simultaneously.


Stage 2: Then, click the Network and Internet part to open it.

error code: i2501


Stage 3: Click the Proxy tab and mood killer the Use an intermediary worker choice.

error code: i2501


From that point forward, check if the error code: i2501 has gone. If not, attempt the following arrangement.

2.Pay by means of Mobile Device

Another approach to dispose of the error code: i2501 is to pay through the program on your cell phone. The achievement rate isn’t high, yet it merits an attempt.

3.Mood killer Ad Blockers

Albeit promotion blockers for the most part don’t meddle with installment stages, it’s demonstrated that killing the advertisement obstructing expansion and holding up a couple of hours, and attempting to create another installment can fix the error code i2501.

error code: i2501

4.Contact Support

The last technique for you to fix the Square Enix error code i2501 is to contact their help. You need to portray the issue that you experience and they will give a few answers for you.

5.Turn on Incognito Mode in Firefox

In the event that you experience the issue on Google Chrome, you should attempt another program — Firefox. You can open it on Incognito Mode. The means are as per the following:

Stage 1: Open Firefox program, and snap the three runs symbol at the upper-right corner in the Firefox program.

Stage 2: Select the New Private Window alternative from the rundown to enact Incognito mode in Firefox. You can likewise press Ctrl + Shift + P Incognito mode easy route on Windows to turn on private perusing in Firefox.


At that point, check if the error code has gone.

error code: i2501

Last Words

Is it true that you are annoyed by error code: i2501. Relax and now you can attempt these arrangements dependent on your genuine circumstance. It is not difficult to fix the mistake in the game.