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How to Fix Discord JavaScript Error in Windows 10 Step by Step: 100% Working Method

Hello, welcome to Are you experiencing errors? when trying to install Discord specifically an annoying JavaScript error. We will show how to Fix discord JavaScript error.

How to Fix Discord JavaScript Error with Removing Temporary Files

We have made quite a few articles on common Discord errors and they have been received very very well. We will explain that how to fix the errors which are the main cause of javascript discord error and also explaining the process of installation and using Discord to firstly like many of the program’s Discord continuously stores temporary data.

Your PC to help reform as efficiently as possible.



Step 1: That the main reason sometimes temporary files converted into corrupt files and create difficulty , How to Fix it , Right-Click on the Windows icon and Click on the RUN program.  Type %temp% in the search box.


Step 2: In order to get this call that clear when booting over your system, we need to delete these all specific files.

How to Fix Discord JavaScript Error with Command Method

We can do this by following these simple steps tall by closing Discord by a task manager.

Step 1: Control-Alt-Delete, Next go to your windows search bar.

Discord JavaScript Error

Step 2: Type Run, Press Enter a small room window will pop up, and in the open field typing the following command %appdata%.

Discord JavaScript Error

Step 3: Click Run a window should now appear with Several folders inside select the Discord folder right.

Discord JavaScript Error

Step 4: Click it and delete it once deleted return to the start menu again and load run. Once more this time type in %Localappdata% in the same field and click RUN. Once again, finally, Discord folder and delete it.

Step 5: Once again. Now, you can Relaunch this settle file and follow the steps provided to reinstall the software. This method has worked for so many and is one of the most common causes of the JavaScript error message.

Hopefully, this will work for you.

How to Fix Discord Fatal JavaScript Error

If the first method doesn’t work. Don’t worry I have more methods that are perfectly working on your system, For this method one Application is required which is antivirus, antivirus apps have been known to Target specific Discord installation files and effectively stopped.

The install process what this means the Discord is that the software can no longer access the files to complete the process. It’s at this stage.

The Common notified Fatal javascript error because this is a common file that Falls victim to the antiviral bombardment is the Discord on the scroll voice recovery file.

We will show the best and easy way to resolve the issue by using the Antivirus bypassing method. Open your antivirus then enter into your quarantine Vault within the antivirus software.

For Example, We Are Using Avast Antivirus, You can use any Antivirus:

Discord JavaScript Error

Step 1: We’re going to download install the bass to show you how it’s done on the free application. So on a bus, we have a protection top and inside we see a series of sub-options. And so we’re going to locate the virus chest. Sometimes this is called the quarantine area.

Step 2: In other antivirus software in this Virus chest. You can see that all the files which the antivirus software has deemed unsafe I’ve asked in this case haas to quarantine those files. This is where we have to go in and restore them.

In your quarantine folder locate any files, which are associated with Discord, all these called related files will have Discord in the name. So it’s very easy to see what’s located click those files and select restore and add exception do this for all files relate to Discord and once complete restart the installation process.

Discord JavaScript Error

Even if you managed to install this course successfully you can still experience the JavaScript error. If this does occur the easiest way to resolve the issue is to reinstall the program on installing a program is quite simple as I’m sure you’re aware.

Otherside, If you still facing the same javascript error, Suggest you please follow the Next instruction because it very easier to operate and everyone can do this.

The Easiest way to resolve the issue is to Reinstall the program on Installing a program

Process After Uninstalling the Discord: You have to fully erase all the data before Reinstall the program because temporary files always exist in your system.

Discord JavaScript Error

Step 1: Go to your windows search bar and searching for Control Panel.

Discord JavaScript Error

Step 2: Open the Control panel, you will see a series of options find the program’s Tab, Uninstall. You will see all install the program click the shortcut.

Discord JavaScript Error

Step 3: You will see the list of programs that Currently installed on your system. find this Discord and right-click on uninstall.

Discord JavaScript Error

Step 4: Go to the start menu again and select RUN type in the open field %appdata% again.

Discord JavaScript Error

Step 5: Click RUN Locate the Discord folder and delete it and then type %localappdata% then Again delete the Discord folder.

Discord JavaScript Error

You find you will now need to redownload the installer from the Discord website once downloaded simply reinstall the program. This good should install fine without any JavaScript errors. Those are the most common ways of fixing that JavaScript error.

How to Fix Discord a JavaScript error Occurred in the Main Process Error

This Article describes Discord as a JavaScript error that occurred in the main process error.
Step 1: Type Control Panel in the Windows Search Bar
Step 2: Click on the Control panel, then Click programs and features and Click Discord Uninstall. 
Step 3: Click Yes to continue. Right, click on the Task manager then Right-click Discord process click and click End Task All Discord processes are clear.
Step 4: Right, Click on the Start button. Click RUN. 
Step 5: Type %appdata% and enter, the system will automatically open the app data folder then Delete the Discord folder.
Step 6: Right, Click on the Start button. Click RUN.
Step 7: Type %localappdata% and enter, the system will automatically open the app data folder then Delete the Discord folder.
Step 8: Restart your system.
Step 9: Open Google Chrome then Type Discord downloading in Browser Search Farm, Click on the First search result, and Click downloads discords.
Step 10: Click Download now, Open Downloaded file, and Type email and password. Discord successfully installed.

Change the Startup Type of the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service in Windows 10

Changing the startup type of the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service from Manual to Automatic managed to resolve the JavaScript error for many users. They also reported that the method managed to resolve the JavaScript error for apps other than Discord as well! Follow the instructions below

Step 1: Right-Click on your system Windows button, Then click on the RUN.


Step 2: Type services.msc in the search box then press ENTER.

Step 3: Locate the quality Windows Audio Video Experience service on the list, right-click on it, and select Properties from the context menu which appears.

discord error-automatic-2

Step 4: Click on the Stop by clicking the Stop button in the middle of the window. Then click on the Startup Type Change the setting the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service’s startup type to Automatic

Step 5: Before proceeding please Click the Menu in the service’s properties window is set Automatic, Then Proceed.

How to Fix Discord Update Loop / Failed Update Bug for Beginners

How to Fix Discord Update Loop

Now we’re talking about how you fix Discord in the morning because you want to hang out with your friends and there’s been an update handle anything that keeps happening is is it just keeps accurate? It’s downloading the exact same files this over and over and over again.

No matter how many times you started how many times you just let it sit to you they’d all day. It just has something wrong and 3 ways.

You can sense the simple way that doesn’t involve Reinstalling everything and we and putting your information is to Simply update the file itself for the first thing that you need to do is actually go and close.


Step 1: You can do that by Right-clicking Discord and Then of course opening up the Task Manager to ensure that no other places of this folder actually running in the background.

Step 2: Some Discord that you still see in our Task Manager processes tab.

Step 3: Just right-click on the windows 10 icon, then click on the RUN option.

Step 4: The system will open the search bar, Enter the Command %localappdata%. Then press Enter  System to automatically open up the app data folder specifically the local app.

Step 5: The system will show you a lot of folders, you just find out Discord folder. Double-click and open the Discord folder.

Important Step 6: You see one file there is UPDATE. You have to right-click and rename it and I renamed trying to Update_1 and just put off to the side finish and that’s all I have to do and now this court thinks that that’s a different file and it’s the one that’s looking for and now it’s going to try and download this file.

Something went wrong it got corrupted or something got bored and it’s having trouble reading and using that file. So we’re just going to right-click and rename it and I renamed buying to underscore word and I just clicked off to the side finish and that’s all I have to do and now Discord things that’s a different file and it’s the one that’s looking for and now it’s going to try and download this file again a brand new version of it so that it can Updating.


You might have to do a full reinstall of this board in order to work properly again, and if it’s still not working, you might want to get in touch with us for tech support people. Sometimes it can take a little bit to get back to you, but they’re actually pretty helpful in figuring out what issues you might be having or if you want to report a bug to so that’s it for this one. This is how you fix a Discord update for years.

How To Fix Discord Stuck On The Connecting Screen Process

discord stuck on connecting

Step 1: First Open start and type task manager and Open your task manager.

discord stuck on connecting

Step 2: Right-click your Discord process and Select and Task. Now close your task manager.

discord stuck on connecting

Step 3: Open start and type control panel open your control panel. Click on uninstall a program.

Step 4: Discordant select uninstall.

discord stuck on connectingdiscord stuck on connecting

Step 5: Press Your Windows Key + R. Then Type percent %LocalAppData% percent press ok. Delete the Discord folder.

Step 6: Is your Windows KEY + R.

Step 7: Type percent Local app data percent

discord stuck on connecting

Step 8: Press okay. Delete the Discord folder.

Now we install Discord

How to Install Discord in Desktop & Laptop

Let’s jump into it. So we’re going to begin by opening up a web browser that doesn’t matter which one but I’m going to open up Google Chrome for this tutorial. And once you have your web browser open and right navigate over to

How to install DiscordHow to install Discord

Step 1: Now you go you want to type in Discord Download on here.

Step 2: Most managers should be from Discord Left for one day.

Step 3: Left on the download now going on their webpage, 7MB for the file size

Step 4: At one time to open it up. Just one run for the smile security warning.

Closeout here just right answer your email and password and if you’re looking and create an account just to walk on this register by and that’s about it. So I do have this brief tutorial was able to help you guys out and as always thank you for watching and I do afford to catch you all the next tutorial.

How to Fix Discord Installation has Failed Error

discord installation failed

Actually mostly users facing that problem Discord installation has Failed Error but on the internet, there is not complete information about How to Fix Discord installation has Failed Error. Today we are providing you the perfect information about all things of Discord.

discord installation failed

Step 1: Open File Explorer right-clicks this PC property, Find your system type by System type is the 64-bit operating system.

Step 2: Open browser, For Example, Google Chrome and Type 7-Zip in the browser search bar.

discord installation failed

Step 3: Click 7-Zip click download, Then Open downloaded file. Click. Yes to continue. Click install

Step 4: Click close, Then Right-click Discord setup.

discord installation failed

Step 5: Click 7-Zip extract to Discord setup backslash open File Explorer.

discord installation failed

Step 6: This PC C drive simply drag the Discord set up to C drive open Discord setup folder. Right, click discard Dot and you PKG file click 7-Zip extract to Discord version number full backslash.

discord installation failed

Step 7: Open the extracted Discord folder.

Step 8: Open Live folder open net 45 folders. Then Right-click, Discord

discord installation failed

Click Send to desktop create shortcut. Open Discord shortcut.

How to Fix Discord Not Opening Problem in Windows 10 | Windows 7: All other Windows version

If your PC or Laptop has limited RAM or Harddrive, That’s the major users who face that problem. If your Laptop or Desktop Window has any kind of bugs, that the major cause of the Fix Discord Not Opening Problem in Windows 10. Today I’m going to show you how to fix discount not an opening problem in Windows 10.

How to Fix Discord Not Opening Problem

Step 1: Go to Search Bar and Type Task Manager from the Search Results. Click here to open it.

Step 2: It will open Task Manager then Click here to open More Details.

Step 3:  Then Search for Discord Right-click on it and click on End Task now close this window. Again, go to Search Bar and Type.

How to Fix Discord Not Opening Problem

Step 4:  Run click here to open it in the search bar type %TEMP% then click on OK Now right click on Discord folder.

How to Fix Discord Not Opening Problem

Step 5: Select delete now close this window now right-click on Discord file select run as administrator then clicks on S. It will take some time to open this Software.

You can see your default is property of Point. That’s the guy is your problem is solved.