Sunday, July 25th, 2021

The Most Common PS4 Problems and How to Fix Them

Are you facing a problem with your PS4 gaming console? In the past year, the online gaming industry has shown tremendous growth. As technology advancement evolving every year, India is set to become the next big gaming hub in the coming years. PS4 accessories is the most popular gaming console for game lovers but when your favorite gadget stops working then your life becomes colorless. But don’t worry if any gadget troubles you there are many solutions also that help you to fix these problems without spending any money. There are many problems and all have solutions.

3 Different PS4 models:

1. The standard PS4
2. The PS4 slim
3. The PS4 pro

Some Common PS4 Parts Problems:
1. Blinking blue light
2. PS4 Fails to Connect or disconnecting
3. Blinking Red Indicator Light
4. Eject problems
5. PS4 Audio & Video Problems
6. PS4 Controller Problems
7. PS4 Freezing issues
8. Black Screen Flickers
9. PS4 HDR &Pro problems
10. PS4 Stubborn Issues
11. PS4 Disc Reading Problems

There are Some Tips to fix these PS4 Problems:

1. When there is a blue light blink it indicates that the console is not working. If you’re PS4 accessories showing this indication and suddenly shut down the power it means that normal operation stops.

For this problem, you can update your TV software because sometimes it is an issue from the TV side. Check the power switch of your console and long press on the power switch, the system will beep twice and then off the power.

Check your hard drive after PS4 turned off and make sure the hard drive properly inserted into the HDD case.

2. When your HDMI cable damaged you should test the cable to sure that the issue is from the cable or any part of your gadget. You can replace the previous one with a new one.

Be careful in the whole process so that there will not cause more damage.

3. Connectivity is a common problem which experienced by many users it is due to server problem and network settings have been changed.

You can check the information from your router manual about how to update the software or you can check your internet services.

Sometimes you can use unplug and replug your PS4 controller sometimes when you reconnect again it will start working again.

4. When your Device indicating red light it is showing you overheating problems due to the fan is not working properly.

For this problem, you can give a short break to your device. You can power off completely at least for two hours so that it can cool down.

One more thing you can do is take your device closer to the fan or any proper ventilation area so that air circulates inside and outside of the device.

5. There is a storage issue if you are using the previous version of PS4 and playing games like modern warfare, call of duty these games having updates all day, and your will out of space.

You can use an external hard drive and configure the storage setting option. Even you can use replace your previous storage with bigger storage.

6. If there is an ejection problem it is simply fixed with some simple steps.

First of all unplug all the wires from your PS4 including HDMI, Ethernet, audio, and power then press the power button until PS4 lights up for one second. After doing all the settings plugin the PS4 and start your gaming.

7. Some time there is a sound issue with your device.

Check thoroughly all the HDMI cable may be there is some breaking; if yes try a new cable so that you are comfortable with your gaming. Even you should check your product sound setting also.

8. Disc reading problem occurs when there are new updates you can fix this trouble by ejecting the disc and turn off the PS4 completely and after a minute turn it on again it may resolve your issue.

9. To fix the PS4 Wi-Fi problem you have to unplug your router and after a minute plug-in back.

By doing this your period Wi-Fi connection removed then you can configure your settings and search your Wi-Fi signal and connect it.

Sometimes there may be interference which attenuates the signals in that case you should use a Wi-Fi extender.

10. There is another PSN problem in your PS4 parts while playing the game .You can fix it by placing your PS4 with good quality material. You can reset your router and modem to fix many issues.

Final Words
We are hoping after reading this article you will truly get a solution. Here we are trying to solve some common issues of PS4 parts and accessories but there may be more issues. If you are tired and frustrated with this fix list then you have to go repair shop to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Visit Esource Parts website we will assure that you will get worth solution for your problems. We have a wide variety of PS4 accessories and parts of every year’s model.