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Online Gift Boxes are More Common These Days : ALL NEW

Online Gift Boxes are More Common These Days

Gifts have always been a staple on different events, such as birthdays, weddings or parties, etc., and with the invention of the internet, it has become easier to deliver gifts to your loved ones, even if you cannot go there. Now, you can get a gift delivered anywhere, with just a few clicks on your computer.

With these online gift delivery services, the demand for gift boxes has also grown excessively. These days you can get custom gift boxes made online. These boxes are made according to your needs and requirements. You have complete freedom of design, shape, size, color, font, etc. You can even choose the material that you want for your boxes.

Types of Gift Boxes

Although the internet is full of options that you can choose from, here are the top 4 styles of gift boxes that people order online:

Shouldered Flip Top Box

This box is usually made from hard and durable paper to withstand rough conditions. This box does not use traditional magnets or removable flip tops to close the box. A new design has been introduced, i.e., a string (shoulder) is attached to the side of the box to keep the top from falling apart, making it easy to close and keep the top in place when opened.

Foldable Gift Box

Initially, these boxes were made in the rigid style to make the box more durable and sturdy. But they used to take a lot of space while shipping and delivery, so foldable gift boxes were introduced to the market, and they instantly became a hit, as they were just as strong as regular rigid boxes but could be easily folded when being shipped or not in use.

Drawer Gift Box

The idea was to make the gift box as a cabinet and slide the main holder to place the products inside. This structure of drawer boxes is more secure and ensures that the products inside stay in good shape. They only have this one big container that can be partitioned, but their shape is not customizable.

Magnetic Closure Gift Box

Magnetic closure box also has 2 parts to shape a box. Outside is for printing brand and product information, and the inner box could carry & protect the products inside. These boxes have a magnet in the top part and a metal plate in the container box, which sticks together when closed. This makes the box more secure when it is being transferred from one place to another.

How to Make Gift Boxes?


First comes the design of the box, the process begins at the computer when a designer takes your requirements and makes a 3D model of your box. This model helps you understand the flaws and advantages of the box and gives your ideas a physical shape. The design can be made into any shape, size, and style you want.

Material Selection for Gift Boxes

After the design has been finalized, the material has to be selected for the production of the box. These days, there are a number of paper options available:

Cardboard Stock

The thinnest kind of cardboard, card stock, is as yet thicker than most custom-made paper, but it can be easily bended as desired. As a result of its flexibility, it is frequently utilized in postcards for inventory covers and is used to manufacture custom shirt boxes. Numerous sorts of business cards are likewise fabricated from card stock since it is sufficiently able to oppose the fundamental mileage that would obliterate conventional paper.

Ivory paper board

Ivory board, also known as the virgin board, is made from a 100 percent pure tree pulp, and no recycled material is used in it. It is pure white and is brighter than most papers due to its purity. As far as its texture is concerned, it is smooth and soft and gives a luxurious feel.

Duplex Board

It is a variation of paperboard or cardboard, otherwise known as a greyboard because of its two-sided grey-colored coats. It comprises two layers of boards that are glued together, hence giving it the name duplex board. After it has been made, it is up to the clients to choose from different coating options that are available.

This paper comes with multiple paper thickness options to decide the thickness of their custom boxes. These available options are:

  • 5 mm
  • 2 mm
  • 3 mm

Finishing Options

Finishing is the final step after the box has been manufactured and printed. There is a number of coating options available to finalize the box. These options are:

  • Spot UV
  • Gloss Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Textured Finish

Why Order Online Gift Boxes?

  • Online gift boxes became popular very quickly due to the number of benefits they offer over traditional and plain gift boxes:
  • Online gift boxes ensure easy and secure shipping because of their premium quality, sturdy material
  • Increases product’s value, appearance and makes it presentable
  • Online gift boxes are eye-catching due to their unique designs
  • For brands, these gift boxes can prove to be successful marketing tools

These boxes can help you create a unique experience for the recipient, as the box is made specifically for them and their gift.