Monday, June 21st, 2021

8 Sentence Structures You Must Know for Academic and Technical Writing

If you are working on an essay, research paper or any other type of academic paper, you should have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. But that is not enough. It is imperative that you know grammar and proper sentence construction to present an impressive paper.

It has been seen that many students struggle to write essays or book review because they lack insight into sentence structure or patterns. They seek essay help from professional experts, but they never get to the bottom of the writing style.

In this blog, you will get to know all about sentence patterns for academic and technical writing. However, before we get to that, we need to know about good technical writing practices.


Here, you have to identify the audience first and their expectations. You need to know the purpose and material. You also have to organize your thoughts and collect the required materials from various sources. You also have to allocate adequate time for writing, reviewing, revising and editing.


Technical writing involves the usage of jargons and unfamiliar terms. It is your duty to explain them in a sidenote. You must italicize the first occurrence of unfamiliar terms.

For instance: 1) People might not be aware of the DHCP, TCP/IP or DNS protocols (for the familiar audience)

2) People might not be aware of the different networking protocols (for the unfamiliar audience)


You must focus on using fewer words. You must always convey the message in a limited number of words. You should place the key information in the main clause and combine overlapping sentences.

For example: Water quality in the river declined due to the increase in the effluents and inferior sewage treatment.

Active Voice

You must try to write the sentences, you construct and not quote, in the active voice. This is because technical writing and certain academic paper writing requires the straightforward conveyance of facts.

For example: The company hired business students as per their qualifications and proficiency in a certain domain.

There is no need to write “Business students were hired by the company…..”

Finally, you must keep the language simple and rely on easy to understand words. In the following sections, we will analyze the eight different sentence patterns keeping the things we learned here in mind.

Different Sentence Patterns for Technical and Academic Writing

Read on to get an insight.

  1. Simple sentence (S-V-O)

In this type of simple sentence structure, you get to see one subject-verb pair. It usually starts with the subject. In some cases, it might be the adjective and the subject.

If you see a variety of sentences, you will see thata verb follows the subject (or an adverb and the verb). You might also see that a simple sentence may contain only an object.

Example 1:The YouTube MusicPremium offers access to your downloaded tracks.

  • A simple sentence with an elementary introductory description (D + S-V-O)

Typically, you get to see a simple sentence. There are two cases:

2.1) It is preceded by a simple descriptive phrase with only one level of description or

2.2) There is a simple descriptive clause with only one subject and verb

If you wish to describe some aspect of the introductory description, you should use two sentences. Otherwise, the description itself will become difficult to comprehend and introduce perplexity.

Example 2.1) As designed, the YouTube MusicPremium provides access to your downloaded tracks.

Example 2.2) When the Android application works fine, the YouTube Music Premium provides access to your downloaded tracks.

  • Compound simple sentence (S-V-O + S-V-O)

In this type of sentence, you can combine two simple sentences by conjunction.

Example 3:Jones ran out of money, so he had to cancel his club membership.

  • A compound simple sentence with a simple introductory description (D + S-V-O + S-V-O)

This type of sentence pattern combines the previous two patterns.

Example 4: As per the instructions, the desktop offers access to your files, and the external USB drive stores back-up files.

  • Simple sentences with compound predicates (S-V-O + V-O)

In this type of sentence structure, the subject has two main verbs.

Example 5:Julia lives in Tokyo and speaks fluent Japanese.

  • Simple sentences with compound objects (S-V-O + O)

Here, the verb has two objects. You will find that not every sentence has an object. But you must understand that a sentence that can have one object can also have two.

Example 6:Grammarlyallows you to rectify your write-up and enhance your knowledge of word choice.

  • A simple sentence with a descriptive phrase for the subject or verb (S+D -V-O; S- V+D -O)

As per this sentence structure,

7.1) A descriptive phrase follows the subject, or

7.2) A descriptive phrase follows or precedes the verb

If you include a descriptive phrase after the subject, you should keep it as short as possible because it will separate the main verb and the subject. A descriptive phrase does not have a verb and subject.

Example 7.1)Meditation, a way to de-stress yourself, provides a way to realize Pure Consciousness.

Example 7.2) The desktop offers, as simply as possible, access to your documents, photos and videos.

  • Sentence with ending descriptive phrase or clause (Sentence + D)

Do you know that any of the previous sentence patterns can be followed by a descriptive phrase or clause?

The descriptive clause, in example 8.1, follows a simple sentence. In example 8.2, the descriptive phrase follows a compound sentence.And, the descriptive phrase in example 8.3 follows a simple sentence with a simple introductory description.

Example 8.1) The smartphone provides easy access to the downloaded documents, which is handy when you need to locate a file quickly.

Example 8.2) The smartphone provides easy access to the downloaded documents, and the USB drive stores back-up files, thus providing two ways of file access.

Example 8.3) As designed, the smartphone provides access to the downloaded documents, with back-up copies on the USB drive.

If you understand the examples, you should face no further issues constructing various types of sentences. However, if you struggle to do so, you should hire essay writers associated with the academic service provider.