How to Get a Job in Singapore Industry Super Quick

Are you the one looking for a finance job in Singapore? Or the one who is looking to switch the industry. Well, in this article today we will discuss how the finance industry is growing in Singapore and what opportunities does it hold for newcomers in the industry.

Finance Industry in Singapore is quite well established specially the main financial service in an industry like banking, insurance, and capital markets. In 2019, there were 757 capital markets services licensees in Singapore, and 187 insurance companies. Singapore has established itself as a financial services hub in Asia. In 2017, Singapore attracted around 853.81 billion Singapore dollars in foreign direct investment in the financial and insurance services.

The data above showcases the growth in the market opportunities and better jobs for people who have the capability and are employable. Singapore is a huge market and hence settling in the financial sector can give a great boost to one’s career.

Education and Career Requirements

To find finance jobs in Singapore one should keep in mind the following qualifications:

Most companies find satisfaction in hiring a commerce graduate for the entry-level profiles. However, there are various top-notch organizations that demand a master’s degree or diploma for a middle level or top-level profiles. A great experience of a minimum of 2 to 3 years adds stars to the resume. Better education with great experience leads to the best of the jobs in the industry. 

Job profiles

People in finance can have to deal with varied profiles depending on their knowledge and experience. There are various profiles such as: –

  1. Wealth Management
  2. Bank Representatives
  3. Insurance Brokers 
  4. Licensed Financial Advisors 
  5. Capital Market Agents 
  6. Merchant Bank Jobs 
  7. Licensed Trust Company Agents
  8. Finance Assistant 
  9. Financial Analyst
  10. Trade Finance Analyst 
  11. Treasury Analyst
  12. Corporate Finance Head
  13. Chief Finance Officer 

 So, these are the few most popular finance jobs in Singapore

How to get finance jobs in Singapore

  • LinkedIn can be most supportive out of all methods’ so update your LinkedIn on a regular basis.
  • Browse Career pages of Banks and Capital Markets.
  • You might ask your friend or relative to refer you to their company.
  • Network with recruiters on LinkedIn 
  • Engage with Career Consultancies 
  • Try to find a job in the startup if it is your first job. This will help you to develop better professionally. 

Companies that one may try for as they contribute the most for finance jobs in Singapore are as follows:

  • DBS Bank Limited. DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) Bank is the largest bank in SE Asia, established by the Government of Singapore in the year 1968. …
  • OCBC Bank
  • Temasek Holdings
  • De Lage Landen Pte Ltd
  • Hong Leong Finance Ltd
  • FinIQ Consulting Pte Ltd
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Aberdeen.

How to attain success in a finance job in Singapore 

The culture of Singapore is time-oriented they try to finish work on timelines and hence people who work slow will not be accepted so. If one looks forward to working in Singapore finance jobs then he/ she should work on overall personality development and time management.

Overall the job scenario for finance jobs is booming at this time in Singapore and is the only area where recession may never hit.

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