4 People To Avoid On Social Media During Election Season

Tis the season for the presidential election. In less than one month, our country will be voting to elect a leader that will have a large impact on our future.

Though this decision will effect all citizens of the US, it will have an astronomical effect onmillennials and the generations that follow. With this election in particular, its no secret there are large concerns about our Republican and Democratic nominees.

There are those whohave chosen a side, and then, there are those who are standing here, scratching our heads, wondering how in the hell we got here and where weresupposed to go now.

Now, personally, I wont voice my opinion on social media not to a serious extent, at least. I may post a funny jab or a witty meme I find all too relatable, but what Im saying is, I wont go all out with voicing my opinion, but youll have a pretty solidified idea of whom Im voting for, and I try to leave it at that.

But alas, every presidential-election year, social media is fueled with the worlds most annoying people. And its usually because of these elections that my social media friends, but not really friends list slowly decreases.

Why, you ask? Well, if you have any sort of social media outlet at all, Im sure youll recognize a few, if not all, of these people youll delete when it comes time to vote for our next president.

The Flip-Flopper

The flip-flopper is the most frustrating culprit of them all because they cant seem to pick a side or political party (That is, if they even know who is running for presidentat all).

They will repost, retweet, share statuses and talk about how much they support one candidate or belief, and the next thing you know, theyll quickly switch to promoting another belief thats actually endorsed by the other candidate.

They cant stick to a solid decision, but they will pretend to know everything they are talking about. These people get deleted faster than Hillarys emails.

The All-Talk, No-Action

They will comment and post away about their views and how right they are. They will cut down any view you hold in opposition, and even after the election, they will continue to complain.

These are also the people who were too busy to vote, couldnt get off of work or one of the other excuses they will make up as to why they decided not tocast a ballot. (Hello? Its called an absentee ballot.)

Regardless, these people dont take the time to be a functioning, contributing member of society, so I dont take my time being their friend and/or follower.

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The Tunnel Vision

I mean, you likely already know The Tunnel Visionsare the extremists the ones that have a view, an opinion and are always right.Their candidate can do no wrong and is clearly theonly choice.

I vote these people get kicked off the internet. They are whats wrong with politics because they leave no room for compromise. Usually, theyve always voted the same way and will quicklydismiss any sort of progress or change.

If you come across one of these people, do what you can to avoid them. It will be the quickest way to lose patience, and the argument will have no winner.

The Oblivious

This ones self-explanatory. These people are the ones who act like they have an opinion but have no evidence to support their claims. They are either willfully uneducated, refuse to vote or they vote without having a solid foundation on which they basetheir decisions.

Sometimes, they can be spotted as the person voting a certain way because of their friends, or their loved ones, or they only watch one news station that supports only one candidate. No one has time for this kind of negligence, especially with the candidates we are facing in November.

Im sure this list could go on, but that would be more annoying than Trump talking over Clinton at every debate.

To all my friends who survived my friends list this voting season, congratulations.And to everyone educated and involved this election, see you at the polls.

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4 People To Avoid On Social Media During Election Season

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