22 Unnecessary Kitchen Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

1. Classy Cheese Knives

Why must there be different knives for different cheeses? No clue. Most people would be just fine with the knife that gets the cheese the fastest. But no, not you.
Set of four cheese knives, $35.28 at Oliver Bonas.

2. Cutesy Tea Infusers

Yes, you can simply dunk your teabag or use a boring old infuser, but why not take the opportunity to say, “Hello, Mr. Manatee! Is my tea ready?” every time you have a cup?
Manatea tea infuser, $14 at Urban Outfitters.

3. Decorative Measuring Cups

Are they practical? Not really. Will everyone that sees them fawn over them and want their own set? Of course.
Measuring Hedgies, $24.95 at Anthropologie.

4. High-Tech Breakfast Aids

Say goodbye to messily pouring pancake batter with a bowl and spoon. This way you can get that perfect circle and feel like you’re running your own hip breakfast cafe.
Pancake batter dispenser, $13 at the As Seen On TV Store.

5. Cool Combo Dishware

There is no such thing as overkill when it comes to soup and crackers. This will also step up your chip and dip game to new heights.
Soup and crackers bowl, $14 at Urban Outfitters.

6. Classic Kitchen Timers

Yes, your phone works just as well. But this? Classy.
Kikkerland timer, $15.99 at Think Geek.

7. Lavish Coffee Accessories

Because a full-on espresso machine isn’t needed, but the ability to make your own cappuccinos and lattes is.
Milk frother, $12.95 at Williams-Sonoma.

8. Novelty Cheese Graters

Uh, it’s a cheese grater in the shape of a hedgehog. What more do you need to know in order to buy this?
Koziol Kasimir cheese grater, $14 from Amazon.

9. Mind-Boggling Prep Tools

The epitome of unnecessary. But now you’ve seen it, you want it soooooo bad.
Onion holder, $14.95 at Sur la Table.

10. Pretty Presentation Items

Because people with cake stands make cakes and you want to be the type of person who makes cake.
Jansen + Co. cake stand, $34 at A+R.

11. Ice Sphere Molds

Watered-down cocktails are for chumps. Keep yours chilled but tasty with these.
Zoku Ice sphere molds, $16.95 at Williams-Sonoma.

12. Crafty Spoon Rests

Stop leaving pasta sauce stains on your counter and get a spoon rest. Your counter will thank you and your friends will think you are better than them for being so adult.
Ceramic spoon rest, $14 at Terrain.

13. Beyond-The-Basics Corkscrews

This says, I am a person who goes for quality and definitely did not use an Ikea corkscrew for the past five years.
Esprit de Cork corkscrew, $70 at Bell’Occhio.

14. Handy Gadget Protectors

Because every cookbook you need is at your greasy, batter-covered fingertips.
iPad Mini screen protector, $15 at Williams-Sonoma.

15. Super Specific Party Platters

OK, so you may only make deviled eggs once every blue moon but having a tray that holds them in place will come in handy, trust me.
Porcelain deviled egg platter, $46 on eBay.

16. Interesting Bottle Stoppers

Whoa. A revelation. Gimme.
Faceted wood bottle stopper, $22 at Leif.

17. Completely Superfluous Electronics

“Anyone for some fresh oregano? Here, let me.” — You, as your dinner guests sit mouth agog.
Microplane® Herb Mill, $19.95 at Williams-Sonoma.

18. Oenophile Accessories

The host who uses a wine decanter is a sophisticated, cultured individual. Savoir vivre. Leather bound books. More rich people jargon.
Decanter, $65 at Wine Enthusiast.

19. Quirky Measuring Spoons

Did it ever even occur to you that your current measuring spoons are bland and stupid? Well now it has, after seeing these pretties.
Owl measuring spoons, $19 at Urban Outfitters.

20. Designer Sink Soap

I’m always jealous anytime I walk into someone’s kitchen and see this fancy soap by the sink.
Savon de Marseille liquid soap, $24 at Vickerey.

21. Specialty Barware and Glassware

Martinis, champagne, margaritas…right now they’re all going in the same boring glass. But oh how you’ve dreamed of having all the right receptacles for all the delicious alcohols.
Copper Moscow Mule mug, $24.99 at Kitchen Kapers.

22. Fancy Tea Towels

Don’t you wish you could be one of those people who always uses fancy stuff and doesn’t care if it gets dirty because you have more fancy stuff? Yes.
Skinny laMinx tea towel, $18 at Skinny laMinx’s Etsy shop.

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22 Unnecessary Kitchen Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

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